Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up to cereal and bagels! It was a very busy day. First, we learned about dive tables and how to avoid decompression sickness and dive safely. Our second event of the day was various water sports. We had the option to wakeboard, kneeboard, or waterski! My shipmates mostly went wakeboarding. For lunch, we had some delicious mac and cheese, courtesy of Ian, Arie, and Sam. After lunch, the Vega shipmates went on their first dive! They were so nervous. The Barracudas and Carina’s got to snorkel at the mangroves! We saw two Spanish lobsters. Everybody loved diving and snorkeling and had a great time! When we got back to our boat, we swam across the water to go windsurfing! Jackson and I had a difficult time, but I still had fun. While we waited, we played and hung out in the water! We came back to the boat to put on our PFDs. I, the skipper, moved the boat through the anchorage at Vixen Point to a good spot. We showered, dressed nicely, and now we are headed to our first full program BBQ! It was a great day for Squeakybrat!