Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

A bright and early morning, it was at Vixen Point today. We had a quick breakfast of bagels and yogurt before sun-screening up for our voyage to Great Harbor Peter. We took turns at the helm, tanned on the deck, passed around the aux cord, shared snacks, and talked endlessly. After anchoring, we had a simple but delicious lunch of deli sandwiches and chips. Following that, we realized that the mooring wasn’t optimal for our search and recovery skills tests. While our staff got us back to a better anchoring spot, we all finished up our knowledge review in our rescue books. Once our anchor was well and secured, our friends from Shazam dinghied over for our search and recovery dive #2. This time around, we practiced the square pattern and lift bags. After surfacing and packing our gear away, we watched the corresponding video to the knowledge review that we’d finished earlier on. We reviewed facts on decompression illness and how to save unresponsive divers underwater. We bid the Shazam-ers goodbye, then moved anchor once more. Now we were able to hop in once more to snorkel the night dive site. Some stayed behind to finish cooking dinner. When we were all out, dinner was just finishing up. We had a Mexican night tonight! Now we’re just finishing up cleaning and prepping for our night dive!