Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a big day for us rescue divers; we had our first search and recovery dive and had our first lesson in Emergency First Response. Our day started with a hunt for propane in order to cook the infamous French toast. Once we finished our Nutella – syrup covered breakfast, we began to set up our gear for a skills dive involving search patterns and lifting a 30-pound weight with lift bags. Group by group, we began going through the scenarios. Fun, challenging, and interesting are all words that could describe our experience underwater. After over one hour, we ascended from our lesson and set sail for Leverick Bay to have some port time. I can’t remember a group more excited to eat than Catalinaville today. Pizza, nachos, burgers, wings, everything you could ever want to eat or drink was on our table. Fifteen minutes later, the table was emptied. After shore time, we motored fifteen minutes to Vixen Point for our first EFR lesson and the barbecue and DJ Heavy Beats. A mix of intensive learning and relaxing down-time fills day seven and fills every member of Catalinaville with excitement for what the next day might bring. Bring it on!