Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we started out with oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast as we motored over to Salt Island and learned about the second ship that was deemed “unsinkable,” the first being the Titanic. The RMS Rhone that would come from England to the new world in the 1800s but got caught in a hurricane here in the Caribbean lost control and crashed into the rocks on the side of Salt Island and lost most of its shipmates onboard leaving only 23 to live to tell the story. When we arrived at Salt Island, we got onto a mooring ball almost right over the wreckage of the RMS Rhone, got our dive gear on, and went on our tenth dive on our ninth day at 10:30 am. Next, we motored around to the other side of the island to pay our respects to the graveyard for the crew of the Rhone that lost their lives from the wreck. We also learned about how the natural formation of salt on Salt Island gets a pound delivered to the Queen of England each year. Net we went back to our boat for delicious soup and to moor to Great Harbor Peter then when we got to GHP out of no where our staff members told us we had to go look for a dumbbell in the water, so we had to quickly think of a plan on how to look for it and who is going to put on their scuba gear and who’s going to snorkel and who is going to sit surface. We found it in a matter of minutes, and our staff members were impressed with our teamwork! After that, we worked and finished chapter 5 and our emergency oxygen care book. Then we played card games till dinner and had chicken Caesar salad for dinner, and it tasted amazing! Finally, we did some review, chilled out, and went to bed to prepare for the next day.