Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Early this morning, we woke up to and an intense storm that swung us over another boat’s anchor. We all rushed into the salon while our staff heroically solved the problem. After the storm cleared, we all headed back to bed for a few more hours for some much-needed sleep. After our second wake-up, we properly started our day with cereal as we motored over to a chain of islands called the dogs. Here, we (to-be rescue divers) practiced our underwater navigation. After all succeeding, we spent the remainder of our dive exploring a sunken plane. Later today, we made our way over to The Chimneys. Here we had our first self lead fun dive. We found the coolest swim thru and saw so many Flamingo Rose Tongues! A majority of our boat napped on our motor back to Mountain Point to anchor for the night. Here, four of the boys went water skiing while the rest of us showered off and got ready for a delicious dinner of garden burgers, mashed potatoes, and baked beans. We will probably hit the pillow pretty early tonight; we are so tired from all of this diving! Can’t wait for another beautiful day in the BVI’s!