Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was all about science! First thing in the morning, we are French toast and scrambled eggs (yum!). Then we went underwater. The Dolphins did their first underwater naturalist dive identifying vertebrates, invertebrates and plants while the Neptune‚Äôs did the same for their fish ID certification. After that I went with the rest of the Dolphins to do mangrove snorkeling and we saw so many baby fish! We even saw baby barracuda, which were surprisingly chill with us being there. My fellow Dolphins and I then went to the beach! We played a relay race game called the turtle game, were the staff tried to catch us as we ran towards the water, but I managed to slip away like a slippery fish! Now we are back on the boat about to go to the beach Barbecue. I think today was one of the most fun days! I hope I can sleep tonight; I’m so excited for tomorrow!