Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up to the sound of music and a goat on the island nest to us, which was nice. We also did two really cool dives, one was the Chimneys, where we went through a small crack in the rocks and ended up in a cavern-like place. One group saw a bunch of cleaner shrimp and played with them. The second dive we did was inside the wreck of an airplane that was sunken in the 90’s for movies and we all saw a stingray (a majestic flap-flap). After the second dive, we had lunch and then got to make the Turks head bracelets. We then moved spots again, and a certain person was exceptional at pulling in the dinghy. The Neptune‚Äôs went to Rangitoto Too for their dive lecture and seemed to really enjoy it there, and the Dolphins stayed on Great White while the Shazam Dolphins came over and my group (Me, Soleh, Maggie, and Lane) 100% won at Pictionary. We got freshwater showers, which was great, and then had a dinner if mashed potatoes and veggie burgers. For the squeeze I asked everyone what everyone’s scariest dream was and all of us are going to dream of life sized bobble heads tonight.