Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

I opened my eyes this morning to the gentle swaying of Great White that I’m slowly becoming familiar with. Looking out the hatch to my left, I took a moment to simply absorb the fact that I was in the middle of the ocean in the Caribbean: the perfect place for an aspiring marine biologist. Over breakfast, my shipmates and I groggily spread cream cheese on our bagels and mused on what today had in store. Very quickly, immediately after breakfast, we all set up our gear for the dives the Neptune’s and Dolphins were going to do. Everyone in Neptune got to go 90 feet below the ocean on their deep dive; everyone in Dolphin toyed with their underwater cameras, while trying to take the perfect picture of fish that refused to stay still. Yesterday had been a late night, so as we hauled ourselves out of the water with our heavy gear, we were all ready for a nap. Once we all dried off, some gathered on the hard top of the boat and laughed about funny things that happened at our schools. Under our feet, other kids bent their backs over their textbooks, struggling to finish an assignment. Pulling up on starboard, Cat asked us if we wanted to learn how to drive a dinghy. I wanted to learn how to drive a dingy, so I hopped down with Doug, Lydia, and Rebecca. However hard I thought it was going to be it surprised me how quickly, I got comfortable driving over the glistening blue ocean. I got certified, and so did everyone else who joined me. Looking around at the happy grins on the faces, I could feel the butterflies I had cooped up about living on a boat fly away. I hopped into the water with everyone for salt-water showers, as the day was slowly drawing to a close. Probably the best food ever, Mexican night was served for dinner!