Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we had a rotation day. Rotation day is when we have activities set up and the boats rotate around, doing every activity for around two hours. Some of the things I did today were windsurfing, snorkeling, coral reef conservation chat and watersports like wakeboarding and knee boarding. A lot of people tried something new, including me! I mustered up the courage try wakeboarding and had an awesome time. My favorite activity though was snorkeling. We rode the dinghy over to the mangroves and saw some amazing things. The water was aqua blue and the fish were very interesting. We saw stingrays, baby barracuda, jellyfish and even a ton of little fish. It was so much fun and it is something I’ll definitely remember. Tonight we have the dance! All of the boats are going on shore and are having a BBQ. We are all so excited. All of the boats have befriended each other, which is so much fun. I am so excited to have more rotation days and more awesome adventures on this trip. It has been unreal!