Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a great day! We woke up to Back in Black ringing in our ears. Breakfast was delicious! We had crispy French toast, smothered in syrup. Right from there, we sailed to the beautiful island of Anegada. The water was so blue and crystal clear. Not many people have the privilege of going to this stunning island, but we were lucky enough to have had the experience. We dropped the anchor just off of the island and the dinghy brought up the rest of the way. The beach was so much fun! The girls had a nice walk down the white sand while the boys made castles and splashed in the ocean. By the time lunch arrived everyone else was so hungry for lunch. We ate homemade chicken sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly. We scarfed them down. After that, we went back to the boat to get ready for another long sail. The sail was so amazing, the wind felt so good going through my hair. The sail was very relaxed. Everyone just chilled and enjoyed the environment. When we got to Vixen Point, we hooked up to a mooring ball and jumped in the refreshing water. Then we connected our boat to the others in the fleet to make one huge raft. Showering felt great! We wee able to wash all the sand from the beach off ourselves. Even though lunch was delicious, everyone was looking forward to dinner. Dinner was veggie burgers with mashed potatoes and beans. We somehow found a way to make cleaning fun. We washed dishes while jamming to Taylor Swift. It was great. Tonight we finally finished our dive chats! We are all so excited to dive. Now we are ready for sleep after a super long and fun day. Today was awesome!