Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Bella started the day with heavy rain and French toast which was nice, although the rain forced us all into the hot cabin. Next was Pico sailing, and then snorkeling. We spotted 3 baby barracuda and a few stingrays even. Then we broke for lunch of mac and cheese with a side of goldfish crackers. The next rotation after lunch was coral reef conservation cert, but since many of us had already done it last year I went to shore and took some pictures with some friends from Lady Aubrey and the staff. After that we had our knot tying relay race, where two teams of six had to tie a knot and then swim to shore and back with a dry handful of sand. Now we are cleaning cabins and getting ready for the first beach BBQ of the year! We’re all looking forward to the DJ dropping some heavy beats. Hopefully we will be going to Anegada tomorrow so stay tuned.