Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we started off our second rotation day with a bang… windsurfing! The Bellas headed to the beach to take on windsurfing in Vixen Point. After our attempts we started off to our next rotation, wakeboarding/waterskiing/kneeboarding. Many people tried a new watersport and loved it! It’s always fun to go outside of the wake and sometimes to watch others wipe out! We finished the first half of our rotation day with delicious chicken sandwiches and Pringles! We all devoured our sandwiches and caught a dinghy ride over to Erocibar to set up our dive gear. After successfully setting up and checking our gear, we went over to the Rhone cannons to complete navigational dive skills that contribute to our advanced dive certification. Heidi, Jack, Felix, and I completed our navigational skills and were even able to squeeze in a quick game of underwater ninja! We hopped onto our dinghy, drove back to our boat, and switched to a Rhodes sailboat. We practiced our jibes and tacks while trying to avoid getting hit by the boom! After our sail we headed back home to Bella Vita to shower and prepare for dinner. Just another amazing day with ActionQuest in the gorgeous Caribbean!