Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we awoke at Vixen Point. We had french toast for breakfast, courtesy of our world class chefs. We all got ready and clean and then I went snorkeling with 12 newbie divers. Since everyone on our boat is a divemaster, our duty was to lead and offer help to the newbies. Everyone else from our boat stayed there and studied; we had a full chapter due today. After that we spent a couple hours getting evaluated for some skills. These skills were how to set up dive gear, and more importantly, how we teach this skill, a crucial part of the divemaster program. After that, we spend more time studying. Once we were done with that Ivan, Ethan, Emelia, and I went wakeboarding. We all did really well, especially Ethan; it was his first time! We then went to the boat/beach wherewe played around for a while. We goofed off with pool noodles, played volleyball, and danced around like goobers. Right now we’re getting ready to eat dinner with Mike, so we have to make sure everything is in shape! As a side note, I can surely speak for everyone in my boat by saying that this is definitely the best experience of our lives. Everything from learning advanced scuba, to the beautiful scenery, this is overall a mind-blowing voyage. But one of the biggest parts is the friendships formed in this trip, the combination of different people from diverse backgrounds brings forward so many different experiences and perspectives, and I personally love it.