Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

I believe today was not the best day, but it still started off with a delicious breakfast. We had cinnamon toast with scrambled eggs, and then we all got ready for our search and recovery dive. My dive buddy and me went first! It was a really good feeling diving by myself. After the dive we came up and got ready to set sail to Leverick Bay. Along the way, we had a couple of problems but in the end, we got there. It was the most beautiful port yet! After that, we all got in the dinghy for a very wet drive back to the boat. Once we got back, we got ready for our EFR lecture, which wasn’t so fun, but after that, we got to play in the water and we played the turtle game, which was extremely fun, but unfortunately my team didn’t win. After that, we all jumped in the dinghy. We got back, had our showers and got ready for the beach BBQ! Shazam!