Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We began the day being woken up by our morning mix tape. Marina, our skipper aboard our new home, came around to each of us to make sure we all got up. For breakfast, we had the old fashioned cereal with milk. Sugary drink mixes on the side. Next, we turned on the engines and headed to the Coral Gardens, our first dive site. The rescue divers, dolphin students and the Neptunes split up for their dives. The coolest feature of the Coral Gardens would definitely be the airplane wreck, which was full of sea life and beauty. Next, we all met up at our boat for lunch, mac and cheese. Soon after lunch, we continued to our next dive site, the Chimneys of Great Dog Island. There, both groups went for a fun dive where we explored the exquisite rock formations surrounding us. Once we boarded the boat after finishing our dive, the rescue divers, Neptunes and dolphins split up again for our different lectures. Three hours later, it was dinner time. A delicious meal of veggie burgers with mashed potatoes, what a dinner! After our showers and chill time, we settled into our beds, or hammocks, for bed. A good day of life at ActionQuest! Shazam!