Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Therefore, the following morning from the BBQ last night was a late starter, for here anyway. We woke up at 7:00. 7:00! That’s a whole hour later than usual. Then our chefs fixed a phenomenal bagels and cream cheese. Therefore, once that was ready, we put it on the table, but before we could eat, we had to throw off our mooring and sail away. We ate breakfast and did our written work underway. That sail was around 3 and a half hours. Within it, I also read and napped. Once we reached Great Harbor Peter, we cleaned and set up our dive gear. After a little bit of socializing, and giving our dear pineapple a funeral, which is a whole other story. We ate lunch, deli meat sandwiches, and then cleaned up. After that, we each went off to our separate program activities. For myself, I’m a Dolphin and I got to take photos underwater! Then we got to go dinghy driving. Soon after, we took showers and fixed dinner (Mexican night)! Now we just got done playing the game Mafia, and it was so much fun! Now we all go to our separate program activities again. Dolphins went to their Rescue lectures; Neptunes went to wreck diving lecture and the Rescues went to go on a night dive. Then we all will go to sleep just to wake up and we get to do it all again tomorrow! Shazam!