Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was such a busy day!! Jordan and Jimmy made great French toast to start our day. Once clean up started it was full gear after that. As soon as we finished, our first dinghy of open water students arrived on our boat. Everyone was eager to help and some of us went separate ways to the beach and other boats. Our boat was impressively chaotic but everyone worked together to keep the fay flowing. A lot of us DMs got a good arm workout unloading and loading empty and full tanks. Everyone had stories about how great it is helping students learn and begin to love scuba diving. Lunch was a great break for everyone to catch our breaths. Not long after we were busy working as a team. The day seemed very long but we all had fun helping out where help was needed. Since our boat had every piece of dive gear for all sail side, we had to do some major boat cleanup. Cha Cha gave us a list to do and one by one we accomplished it all. Dinner was delicious garden burgers and Mike even joined us. Afterwards we conducted a Lifeworks with cards. As most of us have been here for years, it was sentimental to do what we’ve been doing for the past 4 or 5 years. Mike is so inspirational. He also joined us when we squeezed about first impressions. Today was such a great day being bust and I cant wait to see what tomorrow holds.