Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke at 6:30 for a delicious breakfast consisting of cereal and milk. After our family had breakfast we started cleanup and prepared our boat for all of the sail side snorkelers to pick up their gear before their first snorkel of the mangroves. Seven of us were able to lead some of the open water students through the snorkel site for two hours while the other seven went through knowledge review answers with Simon. The next rotation the group with Simon in the morning switched with the snorkelers so both groups were able to lead snorkelers on their first snorkel of the mangroves. At 12:00 we ate lunch which was mac and cheese made by Connor and Emily. After cleaning up from lunch we prepared the boat again for the next round of snorkelers. Once the DMs fitted the next round of snorkelers with gear we headed to the beach on Prickly Pear Island while waiting for the rescue divers from dive side to join us for our Emergency First Responder course class on the beach. We completed our class and prepared for our final exam. After some time on the beach we went back home to Surprise to shower and get ready for our beach BBQ and dance featuring DJ Heavy Beats. Today was a great day and I know we are all excited for what tonight and tomorrow brings.