Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning my ambitious shipmates and I woke early to motor to the Baths and get a good spot to moor before it got busy. Once we arrived we enjoyed a beautiful morning of rock jumping, climbing, and swimming on the beach. After we motored over to Spanishtown where I discovered the best product ever- a mermaid tail to swim in! Before I could swim in it, Cha Cha asked Emily, Hannah, Jules, and I on a super secret mission. Even though our special task turned out to be snorkeling for a good dive site and not the James Bond scene I had hoped, we had tons of fun and even saw a stingray. When we got back my shipmates and I showered off the boat, and I finally got to don my tail! After splashing around a bit and some wide-eyed stares from unsuspecting passers by, I even let Cha Cha take it for a spin. All in all, it was a great day full of laughs, and all my dreams of being a mermaid came true! Tonight we will get back to business and learn more divemaster skills after dinner and our squeeze.