Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up and went underway right away, and on our way we at oatmeal, which was delicious. It was a short motor and then the Baths came into sight. The Baths are these huge rock formations on Virgin Gorda and they’re beautiful. We spent our time at the Baths exploring and jumping off the jumping rocks. It was super fun to spend time exploring with the whole boat. After the Baths, we motored to Spanish Town. Getting into Spanish Town’s port is hard, but we managed to get in without grounding the boat like my boat did last year. Shout out to Kate D. for steering our boat into a reef last year. Once in Spanish Town our whole boat ate a meal together and got to call our parents. After eating, we got some snacks at the grocery store and then got some ice cream. Spanish Town was super fun for our boat to explore together! After Spanish Town, we sailed to Mountain Point on Virgin Gorda and got to go snorkeling in out night dive spot. Next, we ate dinner and after dinner, I asked an interesting squeeze question. My question was “what’s your go-to karaoke song?’ and then I required that everyone had to sing the song a little. It was super fun to hear everybody sing and Will was sooooo GOOD. He sang a “Les Mis” song and we all had slack jaw by the end. Now we are cleaning up and listening to music, getting pumped up for our first night dive. I’m excited to see the reef at night and hope it will be a great experience