Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up in Mountain Point to some cereal and good company after our night of student lead Lifeworks! Then we began our motor to Coral Gardens for pentagon navigation dive followed by some fun exploring of a sunken airplane. We saw barracuda, feather duster worms, and garden eels. Once we had resurfaced and completed our knowledge reviews, we moved to our next dive location, The Chimneys. We went on a fun massive group dive where we saw a turtle, a blacktip reef shark, and made our way through a small trench! We had delicious mac and cheese! After our lunch, several of us snorkeled, sunbathed, and finished our knowledge reviews. Then our instructors and skipper surprised us with amazing brownookies , which we all happily devoured. Our boat had fun bonding while we all swam and showered, followed by a delicious meal of vegetarian burgers. Now, as we all clean up, we are anticipating a fun knowledge review video followed hopefully by a movie!