Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Our beautiful day of adventure and learning began with a wonderful breakfast of oatmeal and a quick motor to the baths. Thought the threat of jellyfish would keep the rescue divers from going in, the baths proved to be just as fun and offer a collage of picturesque views. Bonding grew as together we trekked among the boulders offer physical and emotional support to our party. Next was a chill afternoon in Spanish Town, stocking up on cute gear and lots of tasty snacks. A beautiful sail to Mountain Point followed the shopping at Spanish Town. The Loony Kahuny simply fly across the beautiful waters. Sadly the jellies limited the crew from enjoying the normal sea showers, but a great bucket shower party ensued. Dinner of beef stroganoff ended our day after a quick review of today’s lesson about search and recovery. The highlights of tonight’s dinner conversation: casseroles save lives.