Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

One of our best, if not the best day so far. We woke up bright and early at around 6:00 and took an early lead on the voyage to the baths. We had a calm motor voyage over there and we were the second to arrive at the mooring site, and took a dinghy ride to the Baths’ entrance. We spent a busy two hours exploring and socializing in the Baths. Once we were tired out, we took showers and headed to Spanish Town. We docked and kids flowed out of the boat, eagerly looking at their phones. We called our parents, wised our fathers a happy Fathers Day, ate, shopped, stocked up on snacks, then came back to the boat. We took a sail to Mountain Point, and once there, the Rescue students took a skills dive, and the rest (Neptunes/Dolphins) prepared for their night dive. We regrouped, ate some beef stroganoff, and the Neptunes/Dolphins are about to head out to their first night dive… Good luck!! Shazam!