Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up early in order for the rescue divers to do their search and recovery dive and the Neptunes to do their first wreck dive. We finished diving around 10 am and from there we began motoring to Leverick Bay. We had the option to eat aboard Pure Joy, but most of us opted for lunch at port. We went to Pussers and had lunch altogether and then afterward went to the grocery store to buy some snacks for long sails and after dives. In addition, we also went to different tourist shops, such as clothing shops or dive shops to buy souvenirs like bracelets, stickers, and clothing. Later we sailed to Vixen Point where the Neptunes had their beach time and played the turtle game, and the Rescues had their Emergency First Responder lecture where they watched a few movies and completed their respective knowledge reviews. After the Neptunes came back to the boat, we all showered and got ready for our beach BBQ that is tonight. At the BBQ, we danced, ate dinner, and spent time with all of the other boats.