Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was incredible! After a stormy night, we got to sleep in a little which was awesome. After filling up on cereal, we started our second rotation day , which was packed with activities. Our first activity was learning about coral reef conservation in which we learned how to be responsible divers and take care of the ocean and all of its inhabitants. Next, we split up into groups, one going to water skiing and wakeboarding, and other group learned how to tie knots. I went wakeboarding for the first time and even stood up! It was exhilarating, even though I face planted two seconds later. The groups then switched and we learned how to tie a variety of different knots and even made a competition out of it. I can now say I can tie a bowline knot behind my back in seconds. Next was lunch, and it was one of the best lunches yet, mac n cheese!!! Everybody was so hyped, it was gone in seconds. We then went to the beach to start windsurfing, and there was certainly enough wind for it. The only problem was getting back to the beach, but that’s nothing a dinghy can’t fix. Then, finally our last activity, diving! It was our second time taking breaths underwater and it was just as amazing as the first. We saw stingrays, fish and starfish; an incredible plus to our dive. Our action packed day has certainly tired us out, but there’s no substitute for the experience. I’m so excited for more days like this!