Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We woke up this morning to an excellent French toast breakfast. Afterwards we cleaned up and went into our third rotation day. Today we sailed Picos, Rhodes, went snorkeling in the mangroves and had a super exciting dive table chat. Today was full of enlightenment and mysticism as we pondered who we were and why we were here. Lunch was chicken salad. We Hibiclensed today to be clean and we have a super rad barbecue tonight. Overall very fun day. We had an especially awesome time, which we went on the Rhodes. A Rhode is a 19ft sailboat and they are a whole lot of fun. They are more or less fun depending how you look at it in the mild squall that occurred today. Speeding along with water falling into the boat, I could feel us connecting as we trusted each other more and more. It was a beautiful thing. Pico sailing was also very fun although capsizing not so much. Finished writing this entry with a rainbow to start our BBQ.