Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We had quite the spectacular day today! We had a very early morning and were sailing before breakfast. We had some very yummy oatmeal and cantaloupe. We arrived at the Baths around 8 and were dropped off close to shore by our dinghy called Blaze and swam the rest of the way in. The Baths were a beautiful experience. The caves and views are breathtaking and every way you look is incredible. We adventured through numerous rocks and water caves trying to fit through the tiniest cracks. After climbing under rocks and swimming through some shallow water caves, we arrived at a spot to jump. It was a fabulous spot to jump. It was a fabulous spot looking over the gorgeously blue Caribbean water. We had so much fun jumping. After a fantastic morning of exploring the Baths, with lots of memories made, we swam back to our dinghy. Blaze took us back to our boat, where we got ready for our first shore day. We sailed to Spanishtown, where we practiced our docking skills. In Spanishtown most of us had lunch, which included mostly burgers. It was very good. We all walked around in town and ate ice cream together. Our fun time on land was short-lived as we went underway on our way to Vixen Point. Overall we had a wonderful day and we became even closer as a little boat family. Sharing many laughs and crazy memories. It’s been another grand day with the La Bella Vita crew. We’re finishing off the day with a stroganoff dinner and watching the sunset. Never a dull day here in the BVI!