Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was the longest day we’ve had yet. It started with an early morning wake up at 6:30. We had oatmeal and bagels underway while on a quick motor to the Baths. The Baths are always my favorite place to visit. We all explored the caves and jumped off the jumping rock. There were lots of fish that kept nibbling on our legs. Chris attempted to catch one of the fish but failed miserably. After the Baths, we motored to Spanish Town and had an extravagant lunch made up of cheeseburgers, fries, and ice cream. We also got the chance to stop by the grocery store and pick up more snacks. After that, we went to all of the shops and hung out with friends. We headed back to the oat, and some of us made a last-minute stop for ice cream before we departed. Then we had another quick sail to Mountain Point. We reached our fastest speed, 9.3 Knots, on the sail over. However, it got so windy that we had to take down the sails and motor the rest of the way. Once at Mountain Point, we had a short lecture on underwater rescue procedures that we were going to perform. We all hopped in the water and tested the rescue skills we just learned. After testing the skills, we played with a toy torpedo and blew O’s with bubbles. We surfaced and immediately got on the boat and took ocean showers. We were all freezing, so we showered quickly and are now doing a quick search and recovery knowledge review to prepare us for tonight’s lecture. We are having beef stroganoff tonight, followed by an instructional video and talk. Until next time!