Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

After another 6:30 wake up, the chefs got working on some delicious eggs, which was a perfect start for our long day ahead. We went right around the corner to Sand Circles to do our navigation dive. There, the four other rescue divers on Shazam joined us. After everyone successfully navigated underwater, we all hopped back in the water to learn and practice rescue exercises 1-3, which included throwing inflatables towards panicked divers, dealing with panicked divers on the surface, and various towing methods. For lunch, we had some nice tuna salad that gave us more energy to get back in the water and finish up our rescue exercises. Once we all successfully practiced saving our buddies, we began to pump the tanks, which means it was time for a quick nap. The hot afternoon called for everyone to get back into the water to cool off and shower. A few us girls did yoga and core exercises (lead by yours truly) up on the hardtop. We went back to Savannah Bay and anchored down to spend another night in my favorite anchorage. Our chefs pulled through once again with a spectacular dinner of chili and rice. Right now, we are getting ready to learn more rescue information from section two. The boat and all of the shipmates are doing super well. We are all having a great time, learning lots and making lots of new friendships in this beautiful place. Goodbye for now!