Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Another beautiful day to go down in the books in the BVI’s. We kicked off the day with a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins> after cleaning all the dishes we began shuttling off to our program boats (Rescues went to Catalinaville, Dolphins stayed in Shazam, and Neptunes went to Rangitoto Too) in order to do our navigation dives. All the navigation dives consisted of counting kick cycles and navigating a basic square pattern. After the dive, the dolphin group took a hike to the windward side of the island. Rescue students practiced their in-water towing techniques. Then, we all ate a lunch of tuna salad sandwiches. After lunch, the rescues practiced throwing floatation devices at our “tired” divers. After rescue finished, we all met up on Shazam again. Marina took a few of us to wakeboard before dinner. We finally ate our delicious dinner of chili and rice on Shazam. We all finished off our big day with dive meetings. It was definitely a fun day! Shazam!