Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we reached the halfway point of our three-week excursion, and we have become an incredibly close family. From dive chats to laughing together at our own mistakes we are always having FUN! This morning we woke up and quickly scarfed down bagels and yogurt and got the boat ready for man overboard drills. Then the crew left to go tie Turk’s Heads (awesome bracelets). After everyone had their very own handmade Turk’s Head, we came back to Bella Vita for man overboard drills. Then we anchored for lunch (white bean soup). After cleaning up we left once again to take our final dive test, which we all passed with flying colors. Then we proceeded to take a power nap on deck before some of our crew’s firs open water dive. What an exhilarating experience. The amount of life that see when diving is unmatched. We all can’t wait to the Dogs and scuba tomorrow. It has been another beautiful day in paradise!