Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

With an adventurous, full day ahead of us, we started the day with a filling breakfast of yummy french toast. Once cleanup was done, we all headed out with our groups for another rotation day. The open water divers had their second-ever dive today, which they were all very excited about and all ended feeling proud of. The DMs got to assist with the dives and put their knowledge to the test while the advanced divers had a cool dive in the reefs of Savannah Bay. When we weren’t out diving, we got the chance to play around on the kneeboard and waterskis, as well as practice tying some knots. After a great, activity-filled morning and a late lunch, the crew set sail! The winds were blowing strong, which made for a sweet sail up Prickly Pear Island in Vixen Point. We had many sleepy sailors on board, but once we arrived, everyone was back in action. We had a special guest for dinner, which was a nice surprise! Mike came and joined us for an evening of chatter and laughter. After we all ate, Mike set up an activity for us, which gave us the chance to know each other a little more. When spending all day with a group of people in such close quarters, it’s amazing the relationships that form! Getting to know our shipmates in different lights, I think it is a rewarding experience. Next up were dishes, cleaning, and late-night showers, and now we are all settling in for our dive chats. It should be a good ending to a great day, especially because I think I smell brownies!!