Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hello from Virgin Gorda! We’ve had an awesome day in the sun. The divemasters woke up early to set up the beach for the confined water dive, while the rest of the Vegas made breakfast and prepared for their first dive. It was also Josh’s birthday, so we tried to make it memorable! After diving, we headed over to another boat to learn knots as well as dinghy training. After lunch, we went waterskiing, knee boarding and wakeboarding. Josh and Liza made an awesome attempt and Casey took us for a joy ride for Josh’s birthday. Brandon and Hannah took a break and joined us. Next, we tried windsurfing, which was difficult but I’m excited to get better at it. We then relaxed on the beach and Maddie and Aaron joined us. The divemasters have worked very hard to keep the scuba gear organized and helped numerous students get their gear and help them with the process. After our chili dinner, we will participate in a Lifeworks session, which we are excited to see what it’s all about! We’ve had an awesome day, and happy birthday Josh!