Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was supposed to be our longest sailing day, however the universe had other plans. As skipper, I motored us out of the bay we had moored in and we put up the sails. Our steering cable gave out, so we pulled out the emergency tiller, dropped the sails, and with the help of the autopilot and our awesome skipper/crew, we motored to our destination in Savanna Bay. Once we made anchor the Vegas went to shore for a snorkel/swim. Us divemasters hopped in a dinghy and prepared to learn what it was going to mean to be a candidate here at AQ. First, we set up the perimeter for the open water divers, then we did a couple tank runs to Manic and back in preparation for rotation day tomorrow. I learned that a divemaster must always be ready to help with any task. Here that means that we get to drive dinghies and make runs to help our fellow shipmates have a successful, safe, and fun diving experience. I’m looking forward to rotations tomorrow but perhaps even more excited for Alfredo for dinner! Yum.