Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We dove into our first rotation day today with a yummy oatmeal breakfast! After cleaning up and applying lots of sun cream, we jumped into Blaze and headed ovr to Lady Aubrey to begin our first rotation, wakeboarding! Caroline, Carolyn, Hannah, and I headed out a little after the rest of the crew left with Shona. After having a blast wakeboarding, we went to the beach where we got to swim and windsurf before going back to Bella for a quick lunch. After lunch Caroline, Jack, Felix, and I, along with the other advanced divers headed over to the sand circles for our first dive, while Carolyn, Skylar, and Ruby stayed back at the beach to learn the basics of diving. We then headed over to Squeaky to learn some knot tying skills and learn how to be a dinghy captain! After a long day the crew headed back to Bella to do our Hibiclens showers and eat chili! I look forward to our Lifeworks chat tonight, and to a good night of sleep before going to Spanishtown tomorrow!