Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we had to sail to Savanna Bay, which was about 3-4 hour trips with winds at max reached about 25 knots. Most of the way there people just hung out and talked while one person manned the helm. It was pretty fun because when you have that much wind you are bound to get some big waves and with these waves came a spray of water that swept the ship and covered everything in water. We had sandwiches for lunch while we were sailing and we also had a sail chat while sailing. It was mostly for the Vegas and review for the more advanced sailing students. It covered the parts of the sails and the saying “uncle luff had a tack in his foot but he had no clew about the leech on his head”. When we finally arrived at Savanna Bay, we hung outside the bay and did sailing circles for about an hour or so. When we actually went into the bay we talked about the anchors and then we had a dive demonstration about how to set up the dive gear, then we took showers and I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to get to sleep and wake up to a new tomorrow.