Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today, I think everybody started hitting their strides, getting more comfortable and settling more into both the rhythm of the ocean and of ActionQuest. After we woke up and ate breakfast, we barely had a moment to breathe before setting off to Cooper Island. Yesterday, I think we were all a bit overwhelmed and excited by all of the information and new tasks thrown our way. In all the nervousness, excitement and change, it gets a little hard to truly look beyond oneself and really appreciate everything around us and everything before us. As the sun reflected of the polished glass- like water of the Sir Francis Drake channel, as the cool morning breeze rustled our hair, as the Ocean rocked us to a lullaby of its own making, I don’t think that there was a single person aboard who didn’t have at least one moment of overwhelming wonder, gratefulness, and unbridled joy. It was truly beautiful. Once we got to our destination, we immediately started getting ready for our dive, the Blue Chromis Reef. One of the many things that makes scuba diving so special is that you can try to explain to the others what you’ve seen or felt, but at the end of the day, words will never be able to truly express what it’s like. It was beyond gorgeous and relaxing. It was a mellow, fun dive, perfect for getting us fully back into the swing of things. We set our sails again, just in time to watch the sun disappear out of sight. We also grew closer in our interactions as shipmates. We’ve finally gotten into our routine and the people around us. I cannot imagine a better day. (Shazam!)