Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

With a day full of sailing, diving, swimming, and more sailing, today was non-stop action. We started our day by sailing away from our home for the night in White Bay in Peter’s Island, to Chromis Reef. There, we dove on the reef full of vibrant fish, coral, and an amazing landscape. After spending about thirty minutes at twenty five feet we surfaced, not tired, but bustling with energy. We had some time before we had to head for our next stop. So we took the opportunity to swim in the warm, clear, Caribbean waters. It wasn’t long until we had to set sail for Savannah Bay. On the way our crew members had the opportunity to drive the boat, raise the sails, and really connect as a group. Even though our day was full of hard work, non-stop activity, and long travels, the day seemed to end too quickly. What in reality was a long day, took a blink of the eye to pass. There is no doubt everyone will be up bright and early tomorrow ready to do it all again.