Location: White Bay, Peter Island

We woke up early at 6:30 to the beautiful view of the sunrise reflecting its colors onto the perfect Kool-Aid-blue water of the British Virgin Islands. After a bowl of cereal, my shipmates and I got together on the bow of the catamaran to get to know each other a little better. Mike, the director of ActionQuest, gave us a talk on what we could expect on each boat during this voyage. With the sun already showing its face, we set sail for the first time. Patiently I waited with my other shipmates to get into the ocean for the first time, but the wait was not that hard because until we sailed towards White Bay, Peter Island, we learned hot to tie the bowline knot, put up the sails, and ate lunch. Upon our arrival, after a turtle sighting, swim tests and a dive chat, it was time to do our first dive. We went over basic dive skills such as mask flood and clear, and ascent. It was showering time after the dive, but unlike the showers at home, these showers were salt-water showers and we were only allowed to use fresh water shower for only 10 seconds. After rocking out to some great music with each other, we ate dinner. Cleaning up after dinner is also different than at home, we have a job wheel that decides which jobs, we have for the day like a deckie, a salt-water washer and a skipper. The skipper has a special job because he/she is in charge of asking the squeeze question. The squeeze question is special because it is a chance to get together with your shipmates and get to know them better than you already do. Now we are filling out dive logs and starting to wind down after a radical day.