Location: White Bay, Peter Island

I don’t think any of us will ever forget this first full day aboard the boat, full with sailing and our first dive of the trip. We started off our day waking up for the first time to the sound of roosters and the early morning sunlight. We rolled out of our sleeping spots, for some hammocks, and for others, various other places outside. At 8, we all went to listen to Mike talk about different issues onboard while the hot sun was on our backs. We then were the first boat to leave the harbor! Although we had some difficulty, we finally managed to raise the main sail and do our first sail on Shazam! After sailing for a while, we anchored in White Bay on Peter Island, got our diving gear ready, and jumped into the water for the swim test which consisted of 6 laps around Shazam and 10 minutes of treading water. We then split into groups for our first dive! During the dive, we practiced different skills like regulator removal and recovery and fin pivot. Although the bottom was mostly sand and algae, we had seen 3 sea turtles before the dive, and I’m sure none of us will ever forget this dive. We then disassembled our dive gear, showered, and sat down for a dinner of Sloppy Joe’s, corn, veggies, and mashed potatoes. Right now, we’re watching the sunset and waiting to join the other groups aboard Great White. We’re all very excited to keep sailing and diving together for the next few weeks! Shazam!!