Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a great first day! We started out eating cereal that was amazing. We scrubbed dishes on the dock before meeting with Mike. It was very informative and explained a lot of things. After that we readied the boat with Jess. I learned how to drive the boat off the dock! We had some time to buy snacks and then left for our first adventure. We set the mainsail (the big one) and were taught winches and how to handles lines. It was a great and fun experience. We hung out on the boat and when we got to Norman Island we had a fun time jumping in the water. We ate sandwiches on deck and got snorkel gear ready, we then explored the caves and learned about the pirates who had their gold and jewels. Then we motored around the corner to the Bight and set up the mooring lines and learned how to use a boat hook. We took our first showers in the sea and jumped off the boat! Sloppy Joe night was a great dinner and we cleaned up so we could scuba chat with Wondy!