Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The day started with an early morning visit from La Bella Vita water-skiers. We all woke up to start making pancakes while people went to waterski in between. We finished off, had a splash around in the ocean, then set off for Road Town. We waited outside the harbor for a while before rafting up next to Bella Vita. We took a dinghy to the town and sat down as a boat to eat a lunch filled with French fries and burgers. We devoured it down in no time. We started to head back to the boat and set off on our last fun sail to the Bight in Norman Island. We set up our sails and reached speeds of over 8 knots on our way to anchoring! We anchored and started to make dinner early to make time for the evening activity. The staff left for a staff meeting, which put us in charge of getting everything ready and cleaning up our mess afterwards. We blasted music and ate our last dinner onboard the boat. When the staff got back we went through a day by day playback of the trip before spreading out and writing cards to each other, which we will all cherish and love, before heading off to our second to last sleep.