Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started yet another beautiful day of our adventure off after spending the night in Great Harbor. The main activity for the day was diving the shipwreck of the Rhone. The boat sunk in 1867 after a giant storm hit unexpectedly. Many died during the wreck, which gave off a slightly eerie vibe to the whole dive. The most impressive part of the dive would be when we swam through the remaining propeller. After the dive, we went back to our lovely boat and had a giant snack time. We were accompanied by Danielle, Will and Paul from the media team. Once snack time was over we dinghied over to the island of Salt Island for a brief hike and some beach time. The small hike led to a stunning cliff that overlooked some breaking waves. We found our way over to a graveyard dedicated to all those that died on the Rhone and all paid our respects. It was kind of overcast, but we all still went into the water on the beach. Once that was over, we motored back to our boat and had a bit of swimming time off the back of the boat. We successfully created a boom swing, which is a rope attached to the boom. Following that we sailed back to Peter Island to end off the night. Aiden and Molly cooked breakfast for dinner for all of us, which was a great end to an even greater day.