Location: West End, Tortola

This morning we were woken up by our morning music and Stella jumping on us to make sure we were moving. Although it seemed like we had done this a million times, it was different, final. We realized during our breakfast of cereal and pancakes that this would be our last normal morning before leaving for home the next day. We then set sail for our final race of the trip, full of music, laughter and memories. After tying in 4th place with Squeaky, we started packing and cleaning our cabins. The chaos of the bags, people, and heat was almost overwhelming, like our feelings about departing from this amazing experience. Of course, we are excited to be home with our families and friends, but we are also going to miss Lady A so much. We have our final BBQ tonight to say goodbye to our friends from other boats, who are all feeling the same mix of emotions as us. Even though we are excited to go home, none of us would trade anything for these memories that will last a lifetime.