Location: The Bight, Norman Island

This morning I woke up to the smell of wonderful pancakes cooked by the best chefs on the boat, Doug and Hannah. As we ate breakfast, we had a laugh. We realized that Lydia and her twin sister, who lives on the boat Shazam, had switched the night before! After we cleaned up, we reunited the twins and went turtle tagging. We almost caught a turtle, but sadly, it got away. We returned to the boat and waited for the Neptune‚Äôs who did a fun dive while we were turtle tagging. After everyone was onboard, we sailed to Road Town. We enjoyed some nice ice cream and some food before it was time to race! We grabbed Paul from the media team to join us in our battle for first place. The boat Catalinaville tried to intimidate us by holding up an inflatable flip-flop that they took from our stern the night before. We showed no fear and responded with an intimidation “Haka” dance. I think it worked since we were victorious in the dive side race.