Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up and had cereal, and then sailed to wreck alley, I got to be at the helm for a large part of the sail. Once we got to wreck alley at Cooper Island, the dolphins dove (some were finishing certifications and some had fun dives) and the Neptune’s had a lecture. After the lecture, the Neptune’s learned to set up penetration lines on one of the wrecks. After a lunch of chicken salad wraps, the dolphins finished up their projects, and the Neptune’s dove another one of the wrecks. Rebecca, Sarah and I then decided we also wanted to see the rest of the wrecks, so we also dove them. We then sailed to GHP. Diner is almost ready, and the dolphins are getting ready for their presentations while the Neptune’s study for their exam. I’m writing this before dinner because Mike is coming to talk to us tonight. Today was a good day; wish us luck on our presentations and exams!