Location: West End, Tortola

Maybe with other boats cleaning their entire boat inside and out, clean up day was a daunting task. All AQ’s boats take time in the morning and the ride to West End to clean every nook and cranny on our respective boars. Rather than sulk and groan at the load of work awaiting us, the shipmates of Great White rolled up our sleeves ad were ready to give clean up their all. Rapidly, all of us went to work, and by the time we docked at West End, clean up was almost entirely over and we all wondered around port until late noon. Yesterday, all of us including our staff members wrote notecard messages to each and every member of our crew. Making each individual card for everyone and reminiscing on all the things, we love bout each other made us all sit back and think of our experiences in this beautiful place. Everyone put a lot of effort into our cards and we are all very excited to read them after we all part for possibly the last time. Before we leave, however, we have a BBQ with all of AQ as a final event together before leaving day. Even though this is the end, our experiences here will stick with us forever.