Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we started nice and early and went to West End to have shore time. We got lots of snacks for the last couple days. When we got back to the boat, Taylor was dancing and he hit his butt and it was so funny, I almost peed myself. After we got back on the boat, we sailed to GHP. On our way, there were huge waves so we all laid on the front of the trampoline and tried to touch the water. There was a couple times, where we got completely submerged in water. It was so much fun and we all sang together between waves. Once in GHP we hooked a mooring ball above the wreck of the Fearless. The Neptune’s then got to dive the Fearless for a second time as a fun dive and the dolphins did a digital photography dive on the beautiful wreck. The Fearless is actually the only wooden wreck in the BVI! After diving, Sydnei and I went slalom skiing and I got up on both sides and Sydnei was so close to getting up. While we skied, the rest of the crew anchored the boat back in GHP. By the time Sydnei and I got back, dinner was being cooked. Tonight was Mexican night! We soon realized that we didn’t have any tortillas. Catalinaville also didn’t have any tortillas so we found ourselves fighting over the VHF for Shazam’s extra tortillas. Before we knew it, Taylor and Adam were chasing Marina in dinghies trying to get the tortillas. We were all laughing because Adam didn’t have a super dinghy and he was much slower and his dinghy died. Marina finally brought over tortillas, but when she tried to throw them up to us, one of them missed and went under the boat! I then had to jump over Aggressive (our super dinghy) and swim between the hulls to get the tortillas from under the boat. Once we had all the tortillas that we needed, we enjoyed Mexican night with Austin from Manic compression. My squeeze question tonight was “what is a voice that you do to make people laugh?” It was so funny to hear everyone share and it lead into a really funny clean up time. We’re now cleaning up and studying for our quiz tomorrow.