Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After a night of rain and changing sleeping arrangements, we woke up groggy, yet excited, for race day. Being skipper of the day, I got to go to a skipper’s meeting. There Jake explained the rules of our first race from Sandy Spit to West End. As we arrived at the starting line an exhilarating feeling flooded our bodies when Jake began to count down from 19 and Elise turned on some music from Pirates of the Caribbean. Perfect! We flew off, and at one point made it to 8 knots! We ended up winning, and our boat besties from Sans Souci came in as a close second. We docked at West End, where we got to spend time with other boats and eat some delicious food. After we began to prepare for our second race. Before we left, however, we made a little bet with some members of Sans Souci: if they place higher than us, we give them our lemonade mix. If we place higher than them, they wash our dishes for one meal. After a tough three hour race, Blue Tide ended up getting second, with Return of the Macks claiming first. We weren’t able to keep a winning streak, but we still don’t have to wash our dishes for Mexican night tonight! However, since they’re our boat besties, we made them a pitcher of lemonade. We just ate dinner with a beautiful sunset, and are heading over to Sans Souci to pick up our temporary salties, freshies, and dryer. Love you, Sans Souci. Let’s see what bets we can think of for our final race on Day 20!