Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning the warm smell of cinnamon French toast wafted into our noses as we started our day in Great Harbor. After breakfast, we tidied the boat, which made everything sparkly clean and ready for the upcoming trip to Road Town. After our boat cleanup, we went wakeboarding and kneeboarding with Elise. Jonathan even did his first 360 on the kneeboard! Later we packed up the boat and prepared for our trip to Road Town. Once we got to Road Town we had a good lunch and some of us got gelato and others went to the store, so we were all very full and happy. Then we went back to Blue Tide and left the Moorings to head back to Great Harbor. We practiced man overboard drills and heaving to maneuvers. Once we anchored we prepped dinner and watched the sun as it began to set. We washed the dishes and swam behind the boat under the most perfect pink and violet sunset. To finish the night, the Polaris students studied for their VHF exam and the Vega students watched a movie. It was another extraordinary day on Blue Tide.